My path…. Heal what is stuck inside from the past and start living fully and freely in the now.

I used to find myself caught in a never-ending cycle, reacting the same way to different situations. I held onto the belief that I wasn't good enough, and this caused strong anger towards both myself and others. The actions of those around me often left me feeling ignored and confused.

I tried to avoid dealing with my emotions, which led me to do things that were harmful to me, like drinking too much and isolating myself socially. I would work excessively, putting in long hours without giving myself a break or any personal time. As a result, I felt disconnected from my true self, like I was lost in a way. This path I was on was causing harm to myself, and I didn't even want to look at my reflection in the mirror for more than a few seconds. I was constantly preoccupied with what others might think of me.

My body started showing signs that something was wrong due to my unhealthy habits. I experienced back pain, felt constantly tired, and had a persistent buzzing sound in my ear that got worse during stressful moments. I realized that I needed to make significant changes.

This realization became a turning point. I made a firm decision to take control of my life's direction. I recognized that I had the power to change things and create a happier life for myself. I began to challenge the negative beliefs that had taken root within me since my early days and started cultivating positive thoughts. I confronted the aspects of myself that I disliked and confronted past experiences that made me feel sad. Although it was a challenge, I worked on it, akin to solving a puzzle.

And you know what happened? The buzzing sound in my ear disappeared, and I started feeling more content with myself. I learned to love both myself and others, leading to a sense of happiness and joy. Occasionally, those old negative thoughts attempt to resurface, but I don't allow them to linger for long. I remind myself of my strength and ability to make positive choices.

You can achieve this too! You have the power to change your emotional state. After addressing my past, I shifted my focus to the present, as if watching a movie of my own life. This shift brought about significant transformation. The constraints of the past no longer held me back, and the grip of an uncertain future began to weaken. Happiness was no longer tied to distant goals; it became a conscious choice I could embrace in the present moment.

So, keep in mind that when you're feeling stuck or down, you have the capability to improve your situation. You possess strength, and you can opt for happiness as well.

At Union Retreats, founded by Menno van Bavel, everything revolves around your personal growth and well-being. We want to help you feel better and be more in balance without having to worry about complicated spiritual concepts.

Our team, including experts like Hanneke Peereboom (specialized in forgiveness and the inner child), Roland Visser (specialized in setting boundaries and discovering inner strength), and Sifra Opstal (specialized in family constellations and mantras), is ready to guide you. They are here to assist you in understanding yourself and your life in a practical and grounded manner.

Whether you're struggling with stress, uncertainty, or challenging relationships, we offer tools and insights to help you feel better. You don't need any special spiritual knowledge; we are here for anyone seeking positive change in their life.

So, if you want to better understand yourself, live more in the moment, and simply be happier, we warmly invite you to talk to us. Whether you're seeking individual guidance, want to participate in an online program, or join a retreat, we have something to offer you. With great care and compassion, we are here for you.