Healing Journey by Union Retreats

Do you remember the feeling of being truly happy or madly in love, or the excitement when it was your birthday as a child? Those feelings you experienced from within your being.

What if we told you that these moments of bliss can be created by your Self? That the breathtaking moments in which we feel so alive are just around the corner? That there is a way for you not to think too much and live out of fear and be upset about many things in life?

In this healing journey of 10 one-to-one sessions, you will be able to make big changes in your life. Through specially created exercises, we are able to go through bodies of pain stored within you and reset negative beliefs about yourself that you have created over the years. Ultimately, you rewrite the story you have told your Self and others about yourself and fully embody who you really are. Your true Self, not your fears, not your thoughts.

After the 10 sessions, you will have experienced personal breakthroughs and trauma processing. You will have several tools at hand that will make life much easier. Moreover, you will be able to choose to live in love and with less judgement about yourself and others.

You will fully realize that you are the creator of your happiness and that things can change.

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