Men’s Circles

The men’s circle creates a space for each man to share experiences, desires, feelings and beliefs. There may be a specific theme in the circles to help stepping out of the loop of life (routine). Sharing is key in creating the connection between fellow men and to make us aware of the brotherhood. The circles help to explore choices, feelings and opinions together with other men.

Besides sharings there can be meditations, breath work and other exercises in the circles to further connect with our true selves, and not the selves of our mind.

The men’s circle helps also to go from a reactive state of mind to a mindfulness state where thinking continuously resulting in the same routine every day can be changed.

You are so welcome!

Circles are held every 2 weeks on Tuesday evening at 19.45 in the park next to the Lago di Muzzano, and the contribution is 20CHF with a maximum of 12 participants.